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Shelley M. House


My Creative Process

"Nature calls to me every day.
The birds sing to me at my window."

It is challenging to find words for the mysterious process of creativity. My ideas arrive in unexpected bursts, usually in the form of metaphors inspired by specific sensory cues—the smell of pine, the song of crickets, the warmth of the sun on my arms.

"I can hear rainbows."

My emotions come to me in colors. I am just beginning to listen for them.

"I delight in the world anew, through the
innocent eyes of my children."

I am learning to release my preconceived notions of what my art is supposed to look like. Mistakes can become new opportunities.

"Puzzle me this, puzzle me that—
I read too much Cat in the Hat."

As a designer, I enjoy blending words, drawings and paintings together, like solving a puzzle. The pieces work in layers to evoke a deeper texture of emotions.

"Digital kisses."

A digital camera, scanner and Adobe Photoshop have become integral to creating my art. They give me the ability to share my passion with everyone through computers.  To have great art, a poet once said, we need great audiences.  I appreciate everyone in my audience, each and every single one who helped me see and grow and understand as an artist.  Thank you.

Art by Shelley © SMH